Instant ID Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Instant ID Solutions is the South African manufacturer, supplier and service provider for the ID card market, and we set ourselves apart by having majority black shareholders. We are classified as a Level 2 BEE company and comply with all new BEE requirements. With the full backing of our shareholders providing local black ownership credentials, we offer an unparalleled card manufacturing facility, excellent BEE credibility and produce innovative products for the South African market.


Instant ID has a 20 year history in the industry

Instant ID Solutions has a long successful history over the last 20 years within the South African plastic ID card industry. Our range of solutions includes plastic card manufacturing and supplying ID plastic card related consumables and applications to various industry sectors. Some of our industry sectors are universities, schools, clubs, gyms, restaurants, companies, state organisations, telecoms, NGOs and government level entities.

We are an empowerment vehicle for BEE ownership

We are an empowerment vehicle for BEE ownership. Instant ID Solutions is made up of a majority black shareholders and local black ownership. As a result, we are classified as a Level 2 BEE company and through our strategic partnerships with our shareholders, suppliers and staff offer the best ID card solutions in the country.

Level 2 BEE Majority Shareholders

We are classified as a Level 2 BEE company, with majority black shareholders and will grant you 125% of any spend with us to add to your BEE procurement points.

Corporate & Government Service Delivery

We have experience servicing large corporate and government entities. This allows us to provide a better service and overall more attention to our clients.

Bespoke products and services

We aim to provide products and solutions tailored made to your business needs. We have a track record of providing the highest level of service to our clients.

Reliable supplier relationships

We have great supplier relationships with a range of card printer OEM suppliers in South Africa. We supply our clients with a variety of brands and product selections best suited to their unique needs.

Our specialities and offerings

ID card printer specialists
We offer a variety of ID card printing and intelligent identification solutions, including mobile phone ID card production software. With our team of highly effective identification specialists and service providers on-hand, we offer both simple or tailor-made solutions to our clients.
PVC Adhesive cards
PVC Adhesive cards can be used for RFID card printing applications and are excellent for mass printing scenarios such as in universities, security companies and medical facilities.
ID cards
ID cards are essential for securing your premises, staff and reputation. They are versatile and can be combined with RFID smart card chips if needed. They can be used for medical aid, as security IDs, for retail membership and loyalty card programs.
RFID cards
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards contain chips that carry electronically stored information. They can be used in many applications including commerce, retail and access control.
Contactless cards
These types of cards are typically used in conjunction with payment systems and utilise RFID or near-field communication to make quick and secure payments on-the-go.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Instant ID Solutions (Pty) Ltd for all your intelligent identification needs. We will be able to assist with all your questions and inquiries.

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